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ID Card Attendance & Access Control Terminal
AGX100F series
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AGX-100F series are multi-functional data collection terminals. Access control and Attendance feature are built-in. AGX-100F realixes high security identification.


  • Supports standard Mag-stripe, Barcode, Mifare proximity cards or Finger print
  • RS-232C, RS-485 or Ethernet communications
  • 4 functional keys IN, OUT, LUNCH-IN, LUNCH-OUT or DOOR-OPEN
  • Transmissive 7-segment LCD
  • Amano standard communication protocol
  • Maximum transaction storage of 8,000/10,000 records
  • Maximum validation/invalidation register 3,000 user
  • 1 circuit(non-voltage contact) for time signal
  • Clock and data memory can be held for 2 years during power failure (Lithium battery built-in)
  • Communication software TPG-COM is required for data collection to PC (Option)


  • Audible and visual indicators for valid/invalid punch
  • Easy to use, fast, and secure

Typical User

  • Nursing facility
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • Construction
  • Hospital / Healthcare
  • Warehouse
  • School / Day-care
  • Any business needing the most accurate employee payroll calculation available