Creating New Value

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Finger Vein Biometric Attendance & Access Control Terminals
Finger Vein AGX250AV


  • Buddy Punch Protection: High security finger vein verification, ID card not needed.
  • 1,000 finger enrollment: 2 fingers (500 users) or 1 finger (1,000 users).
  • Quick and Accurate Verification: Verification within 1 second,
  • *FRP:0.01%, *FAR:0.0001%
  • Function keys: For Shift Number and Exception code
  • Signal Relay : Up to 30 steps a week. Utilizes state of the art biometric finger vein technology
  • 2 Relay Outputs: For Signal,Verification OK or Verification Error.
  • 2 types of transaction data: Generates Time & Attendance data and Door Access data.
  • 3 methods of communication: Serial, Socket, or FTP communication.


  • Makes transactions with or without pressing IN/OUT buttons.
  • Eliminate buddy-punching, ensuring unparalleled payroll accuracy
  • No more easily lost, swapped, or stolen employee badges
  • Easy to use, fast, and secure
  • Reduces supervisor workload

Typical User

  • Factory
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Restaurant
  • Construction
  • Nursing facility
  • Hospital / Healthcare
  • Warehouse
  • School / Day-care
  • Any business needing the most accurate employee payroll calculation available