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Ticket Dispenser
TF-2800N Series Mag-Stripe Ticket Dispenser/Pass Card reader
ticket dispensercatalog


  • Manual or automatic ticket issuance.
  • Barrier gate arm is automatically raised and customer allowed entry after taking ticket or retrieving pass card after valid read.
  • One slot (TF-2800N) or two separate slots (TF-2900N) for ticket dispensing and pass card insertion.
  • Ticket tracking for invalid ticket control.
  • Magnetically codes and prints entry information on tickets.
  • Allows access by debit card, monthly pass, and special event pass card holders (TF-2800N/2900N).
  • Voice announcement kit with simple directions for customer guidance.
  • Large 10.4-inch color monitor.
  • Built-in thermal printer for clear printing.
  • Construction Heavy gauge steel housing.
  • Standard yellow paint (other colors available).
  • Optional LCD display featuring user-friendly instructions.
  • Optional intercom call station for customer assistance.
  • Automatic backout and void ticket control.
  • Anti-passback and validity check capabilities to prevent illegal entry.
  • Double ticket-feed for 7000 ticket capacity.
  • Optional 4-way pass card reading capability(TF-2800N/2900N).
  • Signals low tickets, gate open/closed, "in" count, and lot full.
  • Diagnostic messages allow speedy identification of any malfunction.
  • Modular replacement parts make no tools necessary for quick, clean, easy maintenance.
  • On-line or stand-alone operation.


  • Ticket/Card Magnetic stripe paper parking tickets and plastic pass cards in accordance with Amano specifications
  • Main power 220/240 VAC 50/60 Hz with ground
  • Power consumption 30W(normal),120W(max.)
  • (1,100W max. w/optional heater)
  • Memory protection 3 years for clock and data
  • Ambient temperature -10-40.C(-25-40.C w/optional heater)
  • Ambient humidity 10-90% RH(non-condensing)
  • Net weight 65kg