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Lag Time Reader( New series)
lag time readercatalog


  • Enable cashless payment by a variety of cards and tickets
  • Allows access by debit card, pass cards and event cards (Mifare (prox) reader optional)
  • Automatically voids and vaults valid parking tickets to prevent repeated use
  • Anti-pass back and validity check capabilities to prevent unauthorized exit
  • 4-way ticket or pass card reading capacity
  • The graphic LCD (320x240dot) shows user-friendly instructions (touch panel function for maintenance use only)
  • Diagnostic messages allow rapid identification of any malfunction
  • Modular replacement parts make tools unnecessary for quick, clean and easy maintenance
  • On-line or stand-alone operation
  • Optional intercom call station for customer assistance
  • Voice announcement kit with simple directions for customer guidance
  • Mifare reader can be installed internally
  • Interface to credit card server, credit card IN/OUT
  • Displayed language selection by buttons: max. 3 languages
  • Receipt issuance


  • Ticket/card Magnetic stripe paper tickets & plastic pass cards (Amano spec.)
  • Loop connection Integrated PD700 loop detector
  • Main power 100/120, 220/240 VAC ?} 10%, 50/60 Hz with grounding
  • Power consumption 34W (normal) 340W (with optional heater)
  • Ambient temperature -10 ~ +40.C  -25 ~ +40.C (with heater)
  • Ambient humidity 10~90% RH (non-condensing)
  • Memory protection 3 years for clock and data
  • Net weight 82kg
  • Dimensions 1300 (H)x 400 (W)x 500 (D) mm