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Fee Computer
TF-5620 Fee Computer
TF-5650 Ticket Validator
fee computercatalog


  • Automatic calculation of elapsed time between entry and exit and computation of parking fee
  • One-keystroke operation
  • Manual key-in for lost or damaged tickets
  • Reduced manual errors and improved security of parking fee cash control
  • Validator reads, prints and encodes parking fee payment time data on parking ticket for auditor verification
  • Fee computer journal tape allows easy auditing
  • Detailed daily, monthly, and yearly reports can be easily generated via interface with a PC
  • Allows use of pre-paid cards, service tickets, and discount tickets
  • On-line or stand-alone operation
  • Use in either central pay or exit pay applications
  • When used in conjunction with the TF-5900 Fee Display, parking fee is displayed in bold red digits for easy customer verification


  • Ticket/Card Magnetic stripe paper tickets and plastic cards in accordance with Amano specifications
  • Printing Itemized receipts and totals.
  • Display Back-lit LCD.
  • Fee computation Max. range: 1 year.
  • Discount(time,fee) tickets, pre-paid cards, service tickets.
  • Main power 100/120, 220/240 VAC }10%.
  • 50/60 Hz with ground.
  • Power consumption 12W(normal),35W(max.).
  • Memory protection 3 years for clock and data.
  • Ambient temperature 0-40.C.
  • Ambient humidity 10-90% RH(non-condensing).
  • Net weight 22kg.